Employment Contracts

Despite the fact that in Cyprus a contract of employment is not obligatory, what is obligatory by Law is that all employers should notify their employees in writing about the terms and conditions of their employment. This should be done in one month after the beginning of employment. This document is signed by the employer and the employee and contains information about the place of work, the registered address of the organisation/company, your job and duties, the date of the commencement and, if agreed, of the termination of your employment, holidays with pay, earnings and allowances and working hours and days. For information contact the Department of Labour Relations of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance (Tel. +357 22 451 500/1).

One should be very careful about contracts signed between private employment agencies abroad and jobseekers. Any contract not signed in Cyprus by the actual employer and the employee does not have any legal binding.

Queries, problems or complaints in connection with this matter can be addressed to the Department of Labour Relations (+ 357 22 451 500/1), www.mlsi.gov.cy/dlr