Entering the Republic of Cyprus

The employment of European citizens is regulated by Law no. 7(I) of 2007 "The Right of Union Citizens and their Family Members to Move and Reside Freely within the Territory of the Republic of Cyprus Law of 2007".

According to the above legislation, the freedom of movement and residence in the Republic can be restricted only on the grounds of reasonable threat of public order, safety or health.

As from 1st May 2004, any European national can enter the territory of the Republic of Cyprus by simply showing a valid passport or identity card. The members of the family have the same right as the European national whom they are dependant. The issue of a visa is not required, unless the members of the family are not nationals of an EU member state, in the case of which, a residence document is issued, having the same validity as that issued to the national of a member state whom he/she is dependant.

As of 1.5.2011, a European Citizen entering the Republic of Cyprus has the right to look for a job without any formalities for a period of 3 months. The Public Employment Services (PES) in Cyprus can help him or her look for a job for a period of 3-months after their arrival in Cyprus and register them as unemployed after providing all relevant documentation. After the end of the 3-months period the PES has the right not to renew the registration if the job seeker has not acquired the Registration Certificate which is mandatory for all European citizens to have when residing in Cyprus, within 4 months after entering Cyprus.

It should be noted that a fine is imposed in the case of non-compliance (Law N7(I)/2007) and specifically a fine of €2.562,90 to any European national who works in the Republic without being registered.