Employers in Cyprus

Europe offers many opportunities for employers looking for specific know-how. EURES can provide employers, in particular small and medium-sized businesses, with a personalised service to access the potential workers available in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Most of the jobs on the EURES Job Mobility Portal come from the job vacancies databases managed by the Public Employment Services of the countries participating in EURES. Using a technology called Web Services, the EURES search engine instantly, in real time, interrogates each national database for jobs.

For all Cypriot employers that wish to advertise vacancies in Cyprus, their vacancies have to be managed by the Public Employment Services (DYAK).

You can download the Vacancy Form from here:

Vacancy Form Greek

Download Doc »

Vacancy Form English

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Please send the form to the appropriate District Employment Office, in the district where the Vacancy is situated (By FAX of by E-mail)

For Nicosia:
Address : 1464 Λευκωσία
Οδός Μουσείου 3, Λευκωσία
Tel.: 22403000
Fax: 22873170
Email: dlonic@dl.mlsi.gov.cy

For Limassol:
Address : Τ.Θ.71036 3840 Λεμεσός
Λεωφόρος Φραγκλίνου Ρούσβελτ 80
Μέγαρο Κοινωνικών Ασφαλίσεων, 2ος όροφος
Tel.: 25827350
Fax: 25306526
Email: dlolim@dl.mlsi.gov.cy

For Larnaca:
Address : Τ.Θ.40136 6301 Λάρνακα
Φίλιου Τσιγαρίδη
Μέγαρο Κοινωνικών Ασφαλίσεων
Tel : 24805312
Fax : 24304532
Email: dlolca@dl.mlsi.gov.cy

For Ammochostos:
Address : Τ.Θ.36166 5386 Δερύνεια
Οδός Ακροπόλεως 49,
5380 Δερύνεια
Tel .: 23812052
Fax : 23730465
Email: dlopar@dl.mlsi.gov.cy

For Pafos:
Address : Τ.Θ.60067 8100 Πάφος
Αγίου Σπυρίδωνος 1, 8021 Πάφος
Tel : 26821658
Fax : 26821670
Email: dlopaphos@dl.mlsi.gov.cy

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Employers can advertise their vacancies on the EURES Portal by contacting the Public Employment Services (DYAK)