Finding Work before Arriving in Cyprus

Before leaving for Cyprus you should first look at job opportunities offered by employers in Cyprus and seek pre-departure advice and information from the EURES Advisers either in your own country or EURES advisers in Cyprus. You can contact them at your local Public Employment Service Office and throught the EURES website

On arrival, one of your first points of contact for assistance when looking for employment should be the Public Employment Offices that are located in all major towns in Cyprus.

The Cyprus Public Employment Services

When looking for work you can visit any District or Local Labour Office in order to register as jobseeker and get information and guidance about job opportunities in Cyprus. A valid passport or identity card is needed to be shown on the first visit in order to be registered as unemployed. Any other certificates and diplomas concerning your educational background must be officially translated in Greek or English.

'Your registration last for maximum three months. After the end of the 3-month period the PES has the right to refuse renewing your registration as unemployed.'

The locations and contact details of the District and Local Labour Offices can be found on the web site of the Department of Labour at Click Here

Private Employment Agencies

Cyprus has many private employment agencies. Some specialize in finding work for people still residing in their home country. All Private Agencies must operate under a license issued by the Department of Labour. Before contacting a Private Agency it is wise to ask for their License No. If you wish to find more information about the Agency you can contact the Department of Labour at the tel. 00357 22 400836 or send an enquiry to the email: A List of all licensed Private Agencies can also be found on the web site of the Department of Labour 

Private Employment Agencies registered in Cyprus are not allowed to charge jobseekers for their services. All matching services provided to the Jobseekers must be free of charge. If you wish to make a complaint about an Agency please contact the Department of Labour immediately to the contact details shown above.

Personal Networking

Making a personal approach to companies which may be on the lookout for personnel with particular specializations is also common. Companies through their own websites are advertising job opportunities that are not listed in any other data base. Some companies also accept CVs all year round in order to build a pool of candidates that contact themselves when a recruitment need rises.