Health Care

European citizens working temporarily in Cyprus are entitled to receive basic medical care in State hospitals provided they hold the European Health Insurance Card.  Family members of the holder of the Card are equally entitled of such care. It is essential to obtain the European Health Insurance Card before you come to Cyprus from your home country.

In general, medical care is provided by the government medical services and the private medical sector. The government medical services can be used by anyone who chooses to be treated at a public medical institution.

The government medical services provide treatment free of charge or at reduced charges for certain groups of individuals. More information can be obtained from the Ministry of Health

Emergency care is provided free to all persons who arrive at the accident and emergency departments of the government hospitals. All districts now have a new hospital, most recently the Nicosia district. Every city has its own hospital with an accident and emergency department. The size of the country ensures easy and swift access to medical centres. However in cases where hospitalisation is needed subsequent care fees may have to be paid.

Under EU regulations, health care can be provided in Cyprus for people from other EU Member States on the same basis as it is provided to Cypriot nationals and is available at any of the Government Medical Institutions in Cyprus.