Register as Unemployed

Job seekers can register and renew their application for employment at any District Labour Office, regardless of their place of residence.

Upon registration the EU citizens that register with the PES for the first time, must present their identity card or passport, as well as the prototypes or valid copies of their diplomas/degrees (including gymnasium/lyceum certificates) and certificates of any professional exam successfully completed. The Certificates MUST be officially translated in Greek or English. The PES has the obligation to register all newcomers for a 3-month period.

In addition, if they are persons who, because of special circumstances require assistance beyond that normally given to find and retain employment (e.g. disabled or entitled to child benefit etc) must present documented evidence.

Job seekers must visit the District Labour Offices and personally renew their application for employment as follows:

  • Unemployed persons and those seeking a part time job, once a month
  • Persons seeking a better job, once every three months
  • Persons seeking employment with a specific employer or at a specific location, once every two months.

All EU Citizens that have been working in Cyprus and are unemployed, in order to register as unemployed MUST have with them the Registration Certificate which is mandatory for all European citizens to have when residing and working in Cyprus for a period longer than 3 months from the time of their arrival in the Republic