Social Security

The Social Insurance Scheme provides compulsorily cover for all persons employed in Cyprus. Those insured under the scheme are classified into three categories: salaried staff, self-employed and voluntary contributors.

All EU Citizens working in Cyprus MUST apply for a Social Security Number. This can be done either by a personal visit at one of the offices of the Social Security Department in your area of residence or it can be done by your employer. You also have to know that is illegal not to be insured and employers that do not pay social security contributions for their employees should be reported at the Social Insurance Services (Tel. +357 22 40 16 00 or through the website

Contributions are calculated on the gross salary earned by each employee and it is deducted monthly. Each Employee pays 6.8% of his/her gross salary to the Social Security Scheme, the employer pays another 6.8% and 4.3% is paid from the State.

Self-employed persons pay contributions equal to 12.6% of their salary and the State pays another 4.3%.

The scheme provides marriage benefits, maternity benefits, sickness benefits, unemployment benefits, survivor’s benefits, disability benefits, orphan benefits, old age benefits, single parent benefits, death benefits, occupational accident benefits and occupational illness benefits.  It also provides free medical care and drugs for those entitled to a disability pension and to persons who have suffered physical injury as the result of an occupational accident or occupational illness. 

Salaried staff is entitled to all the above benefits, whereas the self-employed are not entitled to unemployment benefits.